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Relationships are the fabric of our lives but they

                   can be so hard!

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It doesn't have to be so hard, though. For 27 years I've been helping couples using my guidance, support, insight, humor and compassion.


There's a lot that can challenge a relationship.  If any of the following seem familiar, it's a good time for us to talk.


  • Communication problems

  • Constant conflicts

  • Difficulty in connecting

  • Infidelity

  • Difficulty in adapting to being new parents

  • Lack of boundaries

  • A growing distance between you

  • Not knowing how to get your needs met

  • A sense of boredom

  • Feeling lonely when together

  • Sexually/intimately disconnected


These are all problems that can be worked through in couples therapy

to get your relationship back on track and give you greater insight into yourself and your partner.

Relationships take work, but making changes will be so rewarding!  Call today to get started.  I specialize in marital therapy, same sex couples, interfaith and interracial couples, premarital therapy and couples who live together or separately, long term and short term relationships.

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